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Long term effects of child abuse

Signs of an adult survivor
Long term effects
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Adult survivors are subject to a substantial array of long-term aftereffects of their abuse. These effects include sexual dysfunction; depression, suicidality, and guilt; isolation and disturbed interpersonal relationships, post-traumatic stress symptomatology; physical, sexual, or emotional victimization; substance abuse and other self-destructive behaviour; and various somatic complaints (Britcher, 1986; Gross et al., 1980; Tsai and Wagner, 1978; Van Buskirk and Cole, 1983).

Studies have shown that adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, when compared to similar, non-abused individuals, have demonstrated more marital and family conflict and physical and sexual problems; more adolescent turbulence; less sexual activity and greater amounts of sexual anxiety, guilt, and dissatisfaction; more guilt related to sexual issues; more life trauma, more sexual dysfunction, a higher level of stress during recovery from alcoholism, and a younger age of onset of problem drinking; and more depression, lower self-esteem, less assertiveness, more sexual dysfunction, and more physical/sexual abuse (Draucker, 1992)

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